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John Rzeznik's Iris

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Music saturates today's society. Television, movies, and of course, the radio surrounds us with music. Songs possess more than just catchy words and a good beat. Writers compose lyrics to create a feeling and meaning for the song. John Rzeznik shows his imagination and creativity through the use of imagery in the song, 'Iris.' This song addresses the lover, which reveals the deepest feelings of a powerful love. By using such a title, the writer expresses what can only be learned by looking into the depths of one's eyes to determine their emotions.
Perhaps the most noticeable way in which Rzeznik allows the reader to feel his moods and sensations is through his use of imagery. For instance: 'touch you,' 'feel me,' 'breathe is your life,' 'taste is this moment,' and 'see me,' are examples of imagery. He uses the imaginative sense not the physical sense of these words. The song contains other literary devices, for example: 'When everything feels like the movies,' exemplifies a simile. This shows how the writer can not connect with his lover, because he can not sense reality within her. The writer uses another literary technique, the repetitive use of the word 'And.' Rzeznik uses 'And' at the beginning of every verse. This shows a way of continuing his thoughts to stress a point and keeps the reader interested. This song contains a sad and depressing tone. The writer attempts to reach out and understand his lover. While he also wants her to see and comprehend him, but not as the world would, as he writes, ''Cause I don't think that they'd (the world) understand.'
In the first verse, or stanza, the reader perceives a mixture of senses. 'Touch' and 'feel' are the first senses he addresses. Rzeznik wants the reader to feel as he does about being in love. He describes the way he feels by using the senses. This style of writing exhibits the intensity of his love for her. He feels incredible when he is with his lover, yet he can not reach her. This does not mean physically reaching and touching her, but her trying to understand him and viceversa. ''Cause I know that you feel me somehow,' does not mean that she can feel him with her hands but that she senses a reality, or truth, in him.

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