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John F. Kennedy Questions

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American History

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Directions: Complete the following questions using resources from the links listed below: (The Presidents series video) (

To begin this assignment, watch the Presidents series video: John F. Kennedy on YouTube and then answer the following questions.

1. What was notable about Kennedy's age upon his election as president?

He was the youngest man to be elected president.

2. During his inauguration, what did Kennedy say he represented? Provide a quote from his speech.

He said, "Let the word go forth from this time and place to friend and foe alike that the torch has been pas to a new generation Americans."

3. Why was Kennedy, and his wife Jaqueline, the perfect advertisement for capitalism during the Cold War?

The Kennedys was perfect because when he knew how to lit up a room.

4. What was Kennedy able to hide very well during his presidency?

His private life like how he had very bad health and his sexual life was very private also.

5. What was the "Bay of Pigs?" How did Kennedy respond to the proposed plan?

The plan called for a group of Cuban exiles to overthrow Castro's communist regime.

6. What was the result of the Bay of Pigs invasion? How did Kennedy react?

It did not go well and Kennedy reacted by making a speech putting all the blame on himself.

7. What initiatives did Kennedy launch to help forge a better society?

He created the peace core and plan the war on poverty, and he was an inspiration to everybody

8. What was Kennedy's defining moment in office?

The Cuban missile crisis.

9. What did the CIA brief Kennedy about regarding Cuba?

The CIA briefed him which showed through aril photographs that he Soviet Union had places bases that could shoot nuclear missiles at the United States

10. What did military commanders want Kennedy to do? How did he respond?

They wanted him to launch an air strike on Cuba. He made a negotiation and found peace.

11. Who did Kennedy negotiate with to find a peaceful resolution to the crisis?

Nikita Khrushchev

12. What did Kennedy witness on TV in 1963, galvanizing him to action?

Violence in Birmingham Alabama were Martin Luther King jr. was leading a massive protest segregation

13. How did Kennedy hope to help South Vietnam late in his first term? What did Kennedy approve?

He hoped to overthrow the president. He approved the assassination of the president of Vietnam.

14. Why did Kennedy travel to San Antonio on November 21, 1963? Where did he go the following day?

He visited to join his vice president at the opening at a new space stations the next day they went to Texas.

15. What happened to President Kennedy in Dallas?

He got assassinated.

16. Why was his death so traumatic for the nation?

There was a lot of hope that he brought and with him dying people lost hope.

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