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Jesus of montreal

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Jesus of montreal

Religion is a mysterious concept of faith. It hold so many unanswered questions, yet millions of people go into it seeking comforst and security. This people view religion as something pure and divine, but can all of what the church preach be true? How real are hte doctrines of worship? People may turn to religion for help, and they may come out believing everything that is presented to them, but in reality, they may just end up with false convictions. Through the years, Christianity like other religions, modifies or invents certain teachings in order to please its followers. The movie, Jesus of Montreal, depicts these incaccurate messages and reveals what they beleive is absolute verity.

The church informs Christians of the miraculous origin of Jesus Christ, the saviour of humanity. This phenomenal birth is planted into the minds of beleivers all over the world. They are convinced that Jesus is born from the Virgin Mary. Christians are told that an angel came down from the heavens to bestow Mary with the son of God; Jesus was a divinity immured in a human body. Revoking Jesus' origin in one of the central ideas that the actors in the movie established. Ren' announces to the audience that "the messiah was born from a Roman soldier". Contrary to what the church states, Jesus being born from God's soul, the movie emphasizes that he was more a human than a God. The same type oof contreversy is established when the actors narrate the beginning ...

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