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Japan: Changes

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Japan has been a society that has believed that they are the "divine" race, selected to rule the world. Japan has always had the problem of not having the resources or land capacity needed for supreme power. While being located on the Pacific Rim of Fire,they are trapped living on a small, crowded island dominated by mountains, and yet have tried as best they could to achieve supremacy. They have tried military control by trying to make the East Asia Co- Prosperity Sphere, and by trying to economically surpass all other nations. Japan as a whole, has changed a great deal in the past 52 years economically, militarily, and governmentally.
Japan has made changes economically. In the past, Japan had no domain among the world economic leaders. They lacked technology and had an education department that was limited to primary and kindergarten schools. Today, Japan has test scores that out rank most nations due to having a very high graduation rate from their colleges and universities. Today, some of the most prepared people graduate from Japanese schools. Before 1945, the over all level of education was much lower than what they have today. Japan now ranks as a economic model of efficiency and quality. Economically, Japan has changed since 1945.
Militarily, Japan has changed a great deal. In the past, Japan's military was feared by countries around the world. They had conquered the country with the most people (China) and the country with the most land (Russia). They ...

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