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Is It Wrong To Look For a Serious Relationsip and Is there l

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Is It Wrong To Look For a Serious Relationsip and Is there l

I don't think there is anything wrong with me physically or mentally. I cant say that I am the smartest or the cutest guy in the world but I am also not the ugliest and not the stupidest. My life has been somewhat of a screw up for the two and a half years. I meat some bad people did some bad things I cant say I regret what I did or that I wasted my time because I will be lying and everyone who knows me knows that I hate to lie. Doing the things I did and associating with the people I associated made me life smart, business smart, and most importantly to appreciate life. I know no the importance of true and unconditional love. I was stupid and arrogant a year and a half ago I had on opportunity but I passed it up because I though that sex is the most important thing in the world, but now I know that I could not have been more wrong since then I had many relationships and the all ended fast except for this one girl whom I liked very greatly but who slept around behind my back. I can't say that she was a bitch or that I hate her because in some way it was my fault as well. I had an important paper do for this thing and thus I could not spend the necessary time with her. Before I did not know what I want but now I know what I want very clearly. What I want is not much it is not like I have great demands. All I want is to find one girl the girl I know she exists somewhere in this world who posses all the qualities that I would like. About a week ago I meat the girl whom I thought was the girl of my dreams. I am the type of guy who never falls in love later it either hits right away or it does not hit me at all. And when I saw and spoke ...

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Keywords: how do you know if you are in a wrong relationship, is your relationship serious, is a relationship all about looks, how do i know if my relationship is serious

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