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Irish Holidays

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Laethanta saoire

Chuaigh me go meiricea ar mo laethanta saoire le mo Theaghlach agus d'imigh muid ag an tSamhain.

Chuaigh muid go aerfort Beal Feriste I ngluaistean agus Chuaigh muid ar bord ach thaisteal muid go Meiricea in Eitlean. Shil me go raibh an turas rud beag compordach mar Bhi an bia blasta ach iontach leadranach, mar bhi an bia blasta ach iontach leadranach, mar bhi moill ar an eitlean agus bhi fadalach mar bhi se rothe. Mhuair an turas seacht nuaire O thus go deireadh. D'fhan muid tri seachtaine. Bhi me ag stopadh in ostan galanta cuig realt darb ainm Marriott. Bhi an loistin suite I lar na cathrach. Bhi an ...

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