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Investigating Chemical Equilibrium

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Investigating Chemical Equilibrium


To recognize macroscopic properties of chemical systems at equilibrium; observe shifts in equilibrium concentrations as stresses are applied to the systems; and to explain the observations obtained by applying Le Chatelier's principle.


* 100 mL graduated cylinder
* 10 mL graduated cylinder
* 250 mL beaker
* two 250 mL Erlenmeyer flasks
* two 100 mL beakers
* fume hood
* hot plate
* electronic balance
* 0.1 mol/L HCl
* 0.1 mol/L NaOH
* 6.0 mol/L HCl
* Bromothymol blue solution
* CoCl2 6H2O
* Distilled water
* Mixture of tap and distilled water


Equilibrium Involving Bromothymol Blue : Refer to lab sheet
Equilibrium Involving Cobalt (II) Complexes : Refer to lab sheet



- drops
- observations
Initial Observations

* light blue
* transparent liquid
* light blue
* transparent liquid

Colour Change #1

* 6 drops of HCl added
* seafoam green colour
* transparent liquid

Colour Change #2

* 13 drops of HCl added
* yellow in colour
* transparent liquid

Colour Change #3

* 6 drops of NaOH added
* green in colour
* transparent liquid

Colour Change #4

* 13 drops of NaOH added
* light blue in colour
* transparent liquid



* small purple/red beads
* small purple/red beads

After 1[st] addition

Added HCl to Cobalt Complex

* purple colour
* transparent liquid

Added H2O to Cobalt Complex

- pink, transparent liquid

After 2[nd] addition

Added water

* hot pink/magenta
* transparent liquid
After Heated

* purple
* transparent liquid

After Cooled

* hot pink/magenta
* transparent liquid


Analysis of the Observations:

--Questions are listed on Lab Sheet --

1A The H[+] ion is the ion added which causes the stress on the equilibrium in procedure steps 2,3,4 and 5.

B For steps in procedure 2 & 3, the equilibrium is shifting to the right, whereas for steps 4 & 5, the equilibrium has been shifted to the left. We know this by noting the colour changes in the written equilibrium reaction compared to the observations noted through the steps in procedure.

2A The stress in step 4 would be the addition of distilled water. The stress in step 5 would be the addition of heat to the system. The stress in step 6 would be the removal of heat from the system by immersing it into cold water.

B In step four the equilibrium system would shift to the left, then in step five, a shift to the right and then in step six, a shift back to the left.

3 Increasing the molarity of the ...

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