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Interpersonal Skills

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In this paper, I will be addressing the communication climate of my workplace and my communication strengths and weaknesses. I will also state what I would like to learn from taking Management 333, Organizational Communication.
I am employed with Bank of America at a retail bank branch. Although Bank of America is a very large corporation, the communication that most employees experience on a day-to-day basis is interpersonal versus impersonal. Areas of the bank are separated into smaller divisions and departments. This allows people to work with more concentrated groups and, in turn, this often allows them to develop stronger interpersonal relationships with co-workers. Bank of America encourages building strong interpersonal communication skills for their managers. They do this by offering classes and seminars on developing communication skills. This includes classes such as coaching, recognition and giving and receiving feedback. These classes cover proper and improper communication skills in various areas of communication. They also help managers to learn and practice communication techniques to aid them in creating strong, 'open-door' communication with their employees. These types of classes should be offered to all employees, in all areas of the bank. When managers have stronger interpersonal relationships, it seems that their employees hold a higher regard for them. Because good communication is such a valuable skill, it is just as important for employees as it is for managers to receive communication training.
Next, I will discuss my communication strengths and weaknesses. are one of my strengths when communicating with others. I am a very good listener, which is very important when communicating. I often check to make sure that ...

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