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Internet 2

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Internet 2

There has been a great deal of excitement in the media over the significant commercial potential of the internet. Many commercial enterprises are viewing the internet as a significant element of their business operations. They see it as a means of advertising, selling and supporting their product globally.However, there are certain critical area such as security that if not adequately addressed could cause the usefulness of the internet to erode rapidly. Brian Hurley & Peter Birkwood in Doing Business on the Internet said that there are three main areas of security relevant to the internet business:Fradulent use of credit card information related to on-line financial transactions, General site and security and Information security. Some companies claimed that they offer their customers a secure gateway that cannot be access by hackers.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the issue of secure payment. In so doing, I will explore how secure is secure.

Commerce on the internet consists mainly of passing credit card numbers and expiry date information electronically between the merchant and the customers. When commerce is conducted over the internet, a network is open to milions of potentially prying eyes. Moreover, there is no one to verify the validity of the credit card. To ensure that the person using the card is actually the card holder. The buyer might have exceeded the limit or can be using a stolen card. Likewise, the buyer has no assurance that the vendor on the other end is who he/she claim to be. Richard E. Smith in Internet cryptography says that data travels from one computer to another leaving the safety of its protected surroundings.

Once the data is out of the sender's hand it can fall into the hands of people with bad intention. they could modify the data for their amusement or for their own benefit. To protect the data moving across the network, encryption has been introduced. The crypto device has several essential elements that determine how it works.

First the crypto algorithm, which specifies the mathematical transformation that is performed on data to encrypt or decrypt. the crypto algorithm is a procedure that takes the plain text data and transform it into ciphertext in a reversible way. William R. Cheswick & Steven M. Bellovin in Firewalls and Internet Security assert that encryption is often touted as the ultimate weapon in the computer war but it is not. They claim that encryption is a valuable tool, but like everything else it is a tool towards an ultiminate goal. They continue to assert that if encryption is used improperly, it can hurt the real goal of the organization. pg14.

According to an article published in the General Media and Daily Newsfeeds hackers are geting better at breaking computer codes. The article states that a computer hacker was found guilty on five counts for hacking systems to gather credit card information which he intended to sell on the black market.when the computer hacker was arrested, he had in his possession an encrypted cd-rom containing roughly one hundred thousand credit card numbers stolen from companies doing business over the internet.

Another article published in the same magazine claims that a computer hacker broke into a San Diego Internet provider's computer and stole one hundred credit card numbers. According to the article, the hacker used a "packet sniffer" program to gather the information from a dozen companies selling products over the internet.

A survey conducted by ...

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