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in'tel'lect 'int-'l-,ect n [ L us , fr. -,
intellegere to understand ] 1 a: the power of knowing b: the capacity
for thought esp. when highly developed 2 a: a person of notable
- Websters New World dictionary.

"Intellect is and always will be of high statue. At least it should

Intellect, in raw form, is the power of knowing. The intellect will
always agree upon that statement.

in'tel'lec'tu'al: having or showing a high degree of intellect.
An intellectual is apparently a bright or smart person. But a
bright person is not always an intellectual. Intellect is earned.
Intellect is thought to be respected, but a non-intellectual does not
always respect the intellect. Intellect is often thought to be "smartness".
An intellectual is thought to be, in some minds, an "academic genius".
But in fact the essence of intellect is common sense. In all everyone has
common sense but the intellect has a plethora of it. Common sense is
intellect. Common sense is logic, reason, and judgment. Intellect is logic,
reason, and judgment. The power of knowing is logic, reason and judgment.
Intellect is the power of knowing, intellect is common sense.

log'ic: the science of correct reasoning; science which deals with
the criteria of valid thought. Intellect is logic. The intellect will
always make logical choices or decisions. Logic is the key point in
intellect. To have intellect one must have logic. The intellect has
certain principals he or she must attain to. They are all logical to the
intellect's thought process. "A logical decision is a wise decision"

rea'son: the ability to think, form judgments, and draw conclusions.
Justification of an act or idea. Intellect is reasoning. The intellect will
justify all of his or her thoughts and actions. Justification of his or

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