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Instant Replay Should Be Reinstated In The NFL

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Have you ever been watching a professional football game and
wanted to pet the official's seeing eye dog or turn his hearing aid up?
Because of selective blindness and decrepit hearing, NFL (National Football
League) games have been filled with bad calls, upset players/coaches, and
heart-broken fans. These and many other reasons are why the NFL should
reinstate instant replay.

Instant replay would allow officials to be more accurate with their
calls. Granted this would make the decisions of the official more solid,
it would also cause more time needed for games and more referees per game.

Referees and officials make good calls about 90% of the time and
the other 10% of the calls are so bad that it can change the outcome of a
single game or a team's season. In cases like these, instant replay would
equalize the game for each team, even though the human ...

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