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Inhalants are breathable chemicals that produce mind-altering vapors. People do not think of inhalants as drugs because most of the products were never meant to be used that way. Inhalants are ingested by "sniffing" or snorting (through the nose), "bagging" (inhaling fumes from a plastic bag), or huffing (stuffing an inhalant soaked rag into the mouth).


Nearly all inhalants produce effects similar to anesthetics, which act to slow down body functions, yet the user feels stimulated. Other effects may include:

Nausea loss of appetite bad breath double vision runny or bloody nose lack of coordination feeling and looking tired eye irritation sneezing, coughing vomiting, diarrhea headache chest pain ringing in ears erratic heart beat


Hand tremors less concern about appearance sores/rash around mouth and nose fatigue, muscle fatigue weight loss electrolyte (salt) imbalance cardiac arrest permanent damage to nervous system brain, liver, kidney, blood, and bone marrow damage impaired respiratory system impaired coordination and intelligence death by asphyxiation/suffocation


Psychological effects occur rapidly because the substance travels directly to the brain after passing through the lungs and the left side of the heart. Other effects are:

Anxiety, ...

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