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Industrialization 2

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Industrialization 2

During the Industrialization workers in U.S cities were strongly effected. Times were changing and instead of getting better, conditions only got worse. While manufacturing was at the greatest, living conditions were horrible. Major company's such as Pullman had their company's run on the outskirts of town. They owned what they call company towns. The employees lived in company owned neighborhoods, and shopped at company owned stores. They worked for Pullman, Paid rent to Pullman, and shopped at the Pullman stores. Many families were so desperate for money that they had no choice but to send there children to work. Many factories were badly light, poorly ventilated and hazardous. Young men would be hunched over for so long, that they stopped growing, causing them to look extremely young, 17 years old boys would look 12. Owners were very greedy, they refused to pay for people safety for the mere fact that it would cut into their profits. They also gave very low wages for very long hours. Some had 12 hour days for 6 days a week only earning 10 cents an hour, $5.50 a week. Children would only earn half that.

This was also a time of Immigration. They came because they wanted to get away from war, famine and religious persecution. They wanted to come to America, The land of the Free, a place for equality. This was all true in America, if you had money, or where the white man. These immigrants surely weren't. They were crammed on to the U.S Permland, which was expensive, just hoping they will be accepted into America. Because of the expense, most families only sent one person. They planned to send the rest later, hoping they could get in, because of the relative already in the country. If you were lucky enough to get into America, you were there for cheap labor, to do the jobs other people didn't want to do. Immigrants often times got cheated out of money, because they didn't know the currency. There ...

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