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Indian affairs

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Indian affairs

One of the least noble occurrences from 1865 to the 1900 was the subduing of the Native Indian. The subduing of the original inhabitant of the American West did uplift the quality of life, but did not advance the quality of the culture in the united States during this period.

The settlement of the Plains and the Great Basin was a positive turning point in American economy. The filling of the continent brought economic prosperity and opportunities for many. The West was a chance for Americans who could not previously purchase land to do so. The land was cheap and plenty. The Timber Culture Act of 1873 granted 160 acres of land to whoever would plant trees on a portion of it. In addition the growth in population if the East increased the demands for agricultural products. Overall the expansion into the West and the government policy of encouragement and financing of the expansion lead to an economic success. Yet the opportunities for many American settlers also would cost a high price on the native people. The quality of life for the settlers had improved but was at the expense of the Indians of the region. Settlers poured in by millions looking for a better life, brought with them great catastrophic changes to these tribes. The native people were free nomadic people who were largely dependant on the buffalo. As the settlers came in the buffalo was killed for food and sport. Between 1872 and 1874, close to nine million buffalos were killed and without the buffalo many tribes could no longer roam, be self sufficient and were confined to reservations. Along with the disappearing of the buffalo population, Indians were soon taken off their land into reservations by the united States government. In addition cruelty in the treatment of the Indians was not unusual. In November 1864 a band of friendly Indians were attacked without provocation by a militia commanded by colonel Chivington. Overall the expansion into the West did not advance the quality of the culture. This occurrence was a set back for the culture, it gave violence and intolerance an approval and set roots for hatred and racism.

One of the least noble occurrences between 1865 to the 1900 was the Spanish American War and the forceful control of the Philippines. The war with Spain was completely unnecessary and there was no real cause for the was.

The war based on unconfirmed charges that Spain had sunk the Maine, an American battleship. The war with Spain was not a noble was because even though Spain on April 10 agreed to the governments term to suspend hostility in Cuba, the U.S had declared was a few days earlier. The war was a short war, that lasted from May 1, 18948 to July 26, 1898 only a few months. The war did not end there, soon the U.S wold attack the Philippines, which was owned by Spain. Even after the was with Spain had ended the U.S persisted at controlling the Philippines. The Philippines were a good strategic point for the U.S to strengthen its control and access to Asia. The Philippines did not agree to American control, but by force the U.S had stationed itself in the Philippines. The taking over of the Philippines was not noble, not only to the Philippines itself ,but to the American soldiers in the Philippines. The Filipino formed many revolts against American rule, and formed attacks against the American troops. By 1902 some seventy thousand American troops were engaged in fighting the Filipinos both sides had many casualties. The Filipinos also suffered losses. On both sides atrocities were committed, one American soldier commander ordered his men ' to kill and burn and make a howling wilderness of Samar' a rebel stronghold. This event in American history did not improve the quality of life or the quality of the culture. On the contrary, the control of the Philippines did not last very long, and the U.S had suffered loss of life and lost money used to station the troops there. In addition this event did not uplift American culture , it was a betrayal of American principle and a movement away from American belief about Imperialism and the corruption and greed it brings with it.

One of the most noble events from 1865 to 1900 was the growth of education and the importance placed on it by the U.S government. The emphasis on education did eventually uplift the quality of life and also advanced the quality of the culture. By 1878 there were 9.5 million pupils in the country's public schools and by 1898 15 million attended. Free schooling was an opportunity for many to acquire and education and get ahead. Education greatly improved the quality of life for many, the school taught mathematics, geography, literature, history, commercial courses and sciences. Not only did schools prepare people for future professions and directly enhance the quality of ...

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