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Hindu life styles and beliefs are focused mainly on one single worldview that everyone accepts and worships. Samsara is a continued cycle of ongoing rebirths, ones ultimate goal throughout each life is to attain the state of Moksha. Moksha is achieved when one realizes the true nature of surrounding life. Once Moksha is attained the endless cycles of karmic trajectories are finally released along with the eternal cycles of recurring rebirths. The Maya is described as a covering of ones true Moksha, an ignorance or false views of ones true nature. Without the attainment of knowledge or realization of true nature, than Moksha will never be fulfilled, consequently the infinite cycle of rebirths will remain constant and enlightenment will never be acquired. Ones actions, be it good or bad, will result in the overall outcome of future lives or rebirths, this theory is derived from karmic belief. Karma is practiced throughout India and is taken severely seriously, therefore many believe that they are trapped due to the inability to fully enlighten and achieve the goal of knowledge. Through disciplined meditation, rituals and excessive reading of the scriptures one is able to correct insight and acquire wisdom and is allowed to engage in ordinary life, and will gain the knowledge to escape Hindu lifestyles and beliefs. I believe these world beliefs are truly pessimistic, due to the lack of knowledge and or common sense. It seems that life has no meaning and equality is nonexistent, but I also feel that it is somewhat impossible to understand fully, due to my lack of knowledge. The Hindu social structure is characterized by a caste system that's determined by birth, geography, language and customs. Karma and dharmas concepts justify and perpetuate the regulations of the caste system on account of their similarities. In dharma one must prioritize life, starting with duty of the caste, every action has an effect on the community and/or society. Every being has to maintain good karma in order to preserve a stable society. In karmic ideology every negative action in any of the recurring past lives will degrade an individuals position in the caste system, therefore effecting believer's actions. The caste system is outlined as follows: Brahmins (priests) Kshatryas (royalty) Valshyas (merchants) Shudras (laborers) Harijans or outcasts (garbage cleaners, low occupation) The problem with the social ...

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