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Imperialism: And The Way It Took Away Tranquillity

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Imperialism is nothing but a fancy word for hostile take over. The
only ones to truly benefit from imperialism was the Europeans. The constant
suffering and turmoil was left to all rest of the world. Is there even one
imperial country who actually benefited from their parent country, direct
or indirect ruling aside.

If we look at the imperial colonies now, their all in political
turmoil. The governments of the countries of; Cuba, Indonesia, South Africa,
India, China, just to name a few, are in constant struggle with it's
citizens now, because it didn't learn how through the course of history.
Those countries who's citizens don't speak are suppressed to the point
where if you say one thing wrong, the secret police will shoot you right in
the middle of the street.

No matter how we look at it, it comes down to one of the deadly
sins; greed. The European countries were greedy. Greedy for money, greedy
for natural resources, for land, and for power. And the ones left to suffer
for their frenzied race was the rest of the un-industrialized world. In
1859 Lincoln said that the Republican party believed in the man and the
dollar, but that in case of conflict it believed in the man before the
dollar. This is the proper relation which should exist between the two. Man,
the handiwork of God, comes first; money, the handiwork of man, is of
inferior importance. Man is the master, money the servant, but upon all
important questions of the nineteenth century European countries tended to
make money the master and man the servant.

There are many arguments to support Imperialism, like education,
industrialization, medicine, employment, agriculture, natural resources et
cetera. The list goes on forever. Some say that imperialism is an ever
giving system, with no end to it's resource. But this isn't at all a list
of benefits for the imperial countries. This, in fact, is a list of
benefits for, and only for, the parent country. Any advantages received by
the colonies were merely coincidental, or forced upon it's natives to
further their own interests. Besides an African Bushman can't just walk
into a factory without first learning how to work the complex machinery.

Another example of Europe taking advantage of it's colonies is
Britain. They reaped benefits from these such activities. One example of
this was that the textile mills of England were guaranteed plenty of
supplies of inexpensive Indian cotton. The finished product, cotton cloth,
was then sold in India for a considerable profit. Meanwhile this cotton
was taking up valuable agricultural land, which was needed to grow food to
feed India's ever growing population.

European countries industrialized the colonies, forcing the
citizens to adopt strange, and foreign systems, and ideals. With the new
system, they now needed money to buy things., instead of the usual
bartering system they were used to. To get money they needed jobs, and they
usually found these jobs in factories similar to our modern day Sweat Shops
that Kathy Lee Gifford made famous. They worked unreasonable hours, were
paid ridiculously low wages, and overall, treated like scum. Now you tell
me, it that the perfect model for employment opportunity that they claim
helped the colony.

Maybe, I was wrong earlier, stating that no colony was rewarded for
their efforts. The continent of North America up until today has grown to
the point where they lead the whole world in technology, and standard of
living. Truly America is the greatest argument in support of Imperialism,
or is it? Perhaps it, in fact, is the greatest folly Imperialism has ever
created. In stating North America as their greatest achievement, they
forget the long time suppressed native Indians, who inhabited this
continent centuries before any European ever set foot on this soil. they
have been suppressed to the point where they are all but forgotten. It's
only now, after a century of supremacy by others, that they are now
speaking up for their right as humans.

Imperialist countries, such as Britain, and France contend, they
gave political freedom to self-sufficient countries, ...

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