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Impact of Abuse

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Impact of Abuse

Impact of Abuse

The impact of sexual abuse reaches all levels of a childs emotions. These

emotions and the effects are listed below:


This is usually the initial reaction of the child. They will usually

question, "What is going on?" and " Is this right or wrong?". For a young

child these types of questions can be an emense burden on their

physcological development. Once the abuse begins the victim experience a

tremnedous conflict with their emotions. They feel pleasant due to the

attention they are recieving from the parent, as well as the sensual

pleasure. On the other hand they experience pain, guilt, and anger for

what is being done.

The question, "Is this right or wrong?" posses the greatest conflict

within the childs mind. The abuse feels so wrong yet the abuser insits

it is okay, taking advantage of the childs mistrust and naivety. Below

are the thoughts of an abused victim as she thinks back to her abuse and

questions her father. It is an example of this mistrust as well as the

confusion which goes through a childs mind.

Since I ...

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