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Illegal drugs

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Illegal drugs

Goals - In order to solve the problem of drugs in this country, supporters want to inplement programs by stepping up enforcement of already existing drug laws and enforcing new ones. The war on drugs, should eventually become a responsibility shared by the federal, state, and local governments, along with every citizen of this country. This approach wants to eradicate drugs completely from the United States.

Strategies - The first thing that should be done using this approach, is to strengthen criminal laws so that law enforcement officials can do the job they've been hired to do. The government must hire more police officers to put on the streets and build many more prisons. This will cost money, but supporters are willing to pay that price for drugs to be removed from our society. Supporters also believe that there should be mandatory minimum prison sentences for drug dealers and users. Especially since offenders only serve one third of their sentenced prison terms. What lesson are they learning with less prison time and no substance abuse counseling?

Programs - The individuals in the community must also work together though in order for all of this to work. For instance; people should support school locker searches, random drug ...

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