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If Only

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If Only

By: Breanna Miller

It's dark and cold and lonely
I can't help to think `If Only'

I could have chosen the right way
`No' I could have choose to say

All my friends followed this path
They said to take the other way was daft

They told me it was neat and cool
But over it I would lose my soul

One beer won't hurt one little bit
It's okay for one cigarette to be lit

Try cocaine just this one time
I thought if I did I would shine

Crack is great, it's the best thing
But I only brought myself shame

I put on a smile and laughed a lot
Really I though of all the trouble I'd got

On the outside I felt so alive
On the inside I knew I had died

I drank and partied every single day
I was really living I could never say

I began to miss my old peaceful life
A life that never had any of this strife

I realized it was to late to stop
All these habits I couldn't drop

I never thought I would go this far
Never thought I would enter a bar

I was being drug down faster
Drugs and cocaine were my master

I couldn't do it anymore, I wanted to be free
I was bound forever as far as I could see

This path isn't all fun and games
It was a disgrace to even say my name

I had my joy and merriment
Now I don't even have a cent

I couldn't go back I was to far gone
A far as I could see I as done

Then this man reached way down
He picked me up before I drowned

He gave me some food and something to drink
He told me of death I was on the brink

I was dirty and my scars you could see
Then ...

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