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Identity and Belonging

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Social Issues

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Prompt: sometimes our sense of identity is really stifled by the group which we are belong to.
- conforming to set "laws" of that certain group (could be social groups, family groups [rules of some traditions/cultures], etc)
- having boundaries to how you present yourself.

How are they stified?
- e.g. if you belonged to a group that says NO YOU LOOK UGLY IN PINK WE DON'T LIKE YOU WEARING PINK, and you like the colour pink ... you wouldn't dare wear it right? You wouldn't dare defy their opinion due to the fact you'd be outcasted yes? Maybe wearing the colour pink = a part of who you are (identity), something that builds your sense of self. You'd have to hide/discard this part of you just to conform to this group that hates pink.

I think you would have already explored what makes up an "...

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