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"I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud"

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is a beautiful poem by William Wordsworth. In this poem Wordsworth describes how he feels and uses nature in doing so. This poem is very inspiring and gives one a different way to look at loneliness and depression.
The speaker, at the beginning of this poem, thinks of himself as a cloud. He tries to express his loneliness, solitude, and isolation. Clouds are lonely, fluttering anywhere in the cosmic sky. They have no companion and no concrete destination to drift. A cloud has no control or apparent direction; they are moved and directed by wind, as the speaker feels moved and directed by his emotions. The cloud in this poem looks over vales and hills, "vale" not only meaning valley, but also "the mortal world". I think the poet uses this to describe how wonderful it would be, as a human, to look over this world and not have to be in the violence and unhappiness of it.
The speaker came upon a cure for his loneliness, solitude, and isolation when a host of golden daffodils came into sight. They were a strong contrast to the speaker. These golden flowers, with golden meaning valuable and precious, brought care and concern into the poem. The bright daffodils were crowded, cheerful, and energetic. When the speaker mentioned the daffodils dancing in the breeze, the poem became more lively and active. Throughout the poem, the daffodils were in such harmony with nature, being accompanied by the breeze, the stars, and the waves. The golden daffodils were so beautiful and eye-catching that the speaker takes his mind off of his depressing matters, and places it ...

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