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I Am A Pup

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After being in the animal shelter for a month the owner gave me a name, she said that she didn't think that I will ever get a family so she named me Layla. A week later the Strydom's walked in looked at a few pups and as I started licking their hands and barking they said this is the one! I finally found my spot and as a Maltese poodle I knew I would always love and protect my family. On our way home they took me to the parlor to get a shave and at the parlor we picked up another Maltese poodle of theirs called JR. They tried to explain in their human language that I am the perfect replacement and on that note I just gave him the look and I sat on Rita's lap. After 15 minutes in the car we arrived at my new home, I was so excited just to see how it looks and my new place where I would sleep when three children came running towards me and I just didn't know what to do. After a few hours play time Rita called them in to wash their hands and to go eat and both me and JR were also served with delicious ...

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