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"MOM!! I think I have a new freckle!!"screamed Liz." I think I have skin cancer!" Liz is suffering from a mental disorder called . With this type of disease people become obssessed about sickness and their health. These people convince themselves that they have an illness, even when doctors prove otherwise. Sometimes they might turn symptoms of a common disease into something more severe, and in some cases life threating. Many people are susceptible to this rare, yet common disease.
Anyone can become a c, no matter there gender, age, or appearance.In some cases it can be heredity.All one's life they may be cautious anxious or fearful of disease and sickness. It can also be brought on by a traumatic life event in which the person was feeling unsafe. Like a friend dying or a family member coming down with a deadly disease like cancer.It can also be caused when someone hears about a certain disease a lot or studies more into depth. Some people use it to seek attention, or withdraw from personal responsibilities. Being sick is also a way of agreeing to be helpless. In fact, is the perfect solution to this common predicament, for in being ill-either as a child,wife,husband, employee, or in-law- the vulnerable person simultaneously obtains the protection and attention he craves,excuses his excessive dependence, and binds his protector to him(who could leave someone who was seriously ill?).
Psychiatrists today classify as one of a type of behaviors collectively known as the somatoform disorders. What these conditions have in common is that sufferers feel physical symptoms for which they seek medical attention in the absence of a detected organic disease or which are out of proportion to a given element. Depending on symptoms and behavior, "somatizers" fall into ...

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