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Hunting Wild Hogs

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with just dogs and a knife will give you the greatest rush of your life. Like any other sport you need to have a few required things in order to start. Some of the most important things that you need are hunting dogs, a four-wheel drive truck with a dog cage, a knife, area or land to hunt on that will be legal, etc. You can get hunting dogs through magazines, friends, family, and even from the humane society. I would recommend a four-wheel drive truck, but some places you don't even need it. My opinion is to get couple of dogs that already work, get the rest from the humane society and train them yourself, get a four-wheel drive truck with a dog cage, find yourself a hunting partner and a legal place to go, and you are ready to hunt.
Your heart already starts to feel it when you are getting ready the night before the hunt. Usually, it is a Friday night when you start to prepare and get ready for Saturday. We always load our dogs in the truck the night before, but every one has their own style. The next step is to pack up all the hunting gear. Things like a cooler, knives, water, food, extra clothes, rubber boots, the cut collars, and the vests for the dogs. The cooler usually contains a few sodas, juice, and lots of water. Make sure your knife is sharp and most of all don't forget the lunch. The cut collars and vests are to protect the dogs from getting hurt. These collars and vests may even save your dogs life.
Now it is time to go hunting. Getting to your area early and dark is very important. Waking up early is part of the hunt, so make sure you are bright and early, even before the sun comes up. You may think it is just driving there, getting out, and hunt, but it is not only that. Opening gates, dealing with the weather, and strapping up the dogs are all part of getting to your area. The ideal time to get to your spot is when it is still dark. When you are at your parking spot it is now time to put on those cut collars and strap on those vests. Next is to let the dogs out and start walking the trail. Most times you may need a flashlight for a few minutes. Don't worry the sun is coming up soon. Just don't make too much noise, let the dogs work, be safe, and have a fun day.
As you are hunting you need to be alert. Always keep track of which way your trackers went. The trackers are the dogs who go out and find the wild hogs, while your grabbers wait for the bark, answer, and grab. If the trackers are gone for about ten minutes, you know something is up. Stop on the trail, be quiet, and listen for the bark. When the trackers bark don't run. Let the grabbers listen so they know where the pig is and they can run in that direction to help the trackers stop the wild hog. Just wait and don't move until the grabbers reach the pig and you can hear the action. Once you hear the pig screaming or the dogs scrapping with the pig, don't hesitate just run as fast as you can to the action. You need to be fast because if it is a big boar with some sharp tusks, he may hurt the dogs or even kill a dog or two.
When you reach the action and you see the dogs scrapping the wild hog this is the greatest rush of your life. Now it is time for the kill. Get out your knife, don't be scared, walk up to the left side of the pig, make sure there are no dogs in the way, and just kill. The proper way of stabbing a wild hog is to put your blade in the back of his left front shoulder, push in, and aim ...

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