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Human Rights

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Human Rights

Geography Assessment

Human Rights

Part A - Introduction

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1. What are human rights and where do they come from?

The term "human rights" is a relatively modern invention. It covers under its umbrella three different types of rights:

' the fundamental freedoms or classical civil liberties,

' ethnic and religious rights

' socio-economic rights.

Some constitutions have enumerated the first or the first and the second and attempted to set up judicial enforcement of such rights. The third category has not been stated in a constitution in an enforceable form, but some constitutions refer to them as directive principles of state policy

Civil liberties

Some constitutions contain a statement of human rights professedly in order to safeguard the freedoms of individuals and groups in society. Other constitutions may not, but freedom operates as a politically and socially persuasive doctrine. There is no agreement as to the content of such rights. The more important rights may be said to include the right of each individual to:

' freedom of speech and expression freedom from arrest or detention except under authority of law, freedom from cruel, inhumane or degrading punishments and the right to a fair trial by a competent and independent court

' freedom to enjoy lawfully acquired property

' equality of opportunity (including freedom from discrimination)

' freedom of assembly and association (including public meeting and withdrawal of labour)

' ...

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