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Human Perception: An Intimate Look Into The Most Intriguing Aspect Of Modern Psychology

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Human Perception: An Intimate Look Into The Most Intriguing Aspect of Modern
It determines what we see, what we do, what we feel. It controls our
emotions, our thoughts, and our conscience. What is this remarkable element of
the human mind? It is called perception. Perception as defined in the Merrian-
Webster Dictionary as the following-

1 a : awareness of the elements of environment through physical
b: Physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience
2 a : quick, acute, and intuitive cognition : APPRECIATION
b : capacity for comprehension

Perception. As hard as it is to define it, it is impossible to correctly
conceive a "correct" or "right" way to use it. Perception varies with not only
humans, but with virtually all other animals as well, whether through instinct
or with conscious thought. Let us take this a step farther. When a bee looks at
a flower that is meant for feeding from, they do not only notice the colors the
human mind sees. The bee sees a yellow "run-way" directly into the core of the
flower, guiding it into the source of nectar. This brings us to the question-
"is what we see real, or is what we see our own reality?". What the human mind
sees is only three dimensions. Since Albert Einstein first conjured the
scientific possibility of a fourth dimension, human beings have longed to see it.
Many people assume that it does not exist simply because they cannot see it.
They are not able to see the yellow "run-way" into the heart of a flower, but to
the bee and an ultraviolet light, that "run-way" is certainly real. People's
physical use of their own perception is very limited, as such noticeable in the
"tunnel-vision" effect. A good example of the Tunnel Vision effect is a
perception or thought such as "if I cannot see it, it simply does not exist". We
as humans are limited not only to what we can sense, but how we perceive what we
sense. Such is a formidable question. What if that fourth dimension does exist,
what if we can see it , only our brain cannot perceive it being there, therefor
it never exists in the first place. I would consider that as a paradox.
Where does perception come from? Is it a result of the upbringing and
surroundings of an individual (animal or human), or is it a result of genetics?
Certainly I would believe that conditioning has a great impact on an
individual's perception. An example to that would be as such : A dog is abused,
beaten, and starved by a group of owners in a kennel. The dog is then recovered
by the humane society and adopted by a local family. The dog in turns bites one
in the family every time a hand is raised near it as a motion, for food or
otherwise. The dog has been conditioned into fear. However, due to the
conditioning, the dog perceives the hand motions differently than would a
newborn pup. The dog perceives such hand actions as a premonition that it is
about to be hit or harmed in some way. I can only conclude to myself that there
is a distinct possibility that conditioning has the ability to alter perception
in a great amount.
People often mistakenly identify people for others in many ...

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