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Human Life And Fire

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The world is full of powerful forces. There are forces that effect the
entire society and there are forces that only effect a select part of it. One
of the most powerful forces of nature is fire. Fire is constantly present in
today's society. Whether it be by staying warm or the destruction of private
memories and property, fire is an ongoing influence in society. Due to this
fact, it is possible to compare fire and life in general.
Fire begins with an idea of a spark. Then the spark is made and with the
help of kindling, the flame begins to grow. Once a flame begins to grow it can
take many paths because of the influences of external forces. If a wind blows,
the flames change their direction and velocity and can engulf many other things.
On the other hand, if there is no wind, the fire may burn itself to the ground
and never reach its full potential. If rain begins, the fire is slowed and may
even be stopped for good. Oxygen is necessary for a fire to flourish; without
it a fire will whittle and die. Some objects allow fire to burn for years while
others burn out very quickly or are not able to be burned at all. No two fires
are alike, in what they do. Some roam free while others are confined to an area.
A fire is beautiful to some, while to others it is dangerous and hellish.
These phrases can be used to illustrate life, as well. Life begins as a
type of spark. Some believe that life begins at conception, thus showing that
life does begin with a very small, yet significant "spark." Others believe that
life begins at birth. This could be related to the beginning "spark" of life
through the way ...

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