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Human Behaviours And Society

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Social Issues

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Throughout the years, men's and women's behaviors have been defined with certain specific characteristics that make a difference between them. Moreover, these kinds of distinctions have been made according to scientific research in human mental and biological functions and responses to stimuli. However, nowadays there have emerged some kinds of male and female behavioral stereotypes created by society. In fact, if men and women don't follow this sort of social conceptions, they won't be part of society. Thus, it can be seen that social stereotypes of masculinity and feminity, not male and female biology, control human behavior.
Society has made a categorization of sexes. Generally, men are seen as the stronger sex, so they have certain characteristics such as aggressiveness, intelligence, ability to make decisions and skillful for any kind of activity (playing basketball, driving, working, and so on). On the other hand, women are considered as the weaker sex, so they are defined as sentimental, skillful at home cleaning, sensitive, tender and so on. These kinds of characterizations are the social stereotypes that have to be followed by each gender.
Social behaviors are supposed to be due to hormonal responses in human biological functions, but most of the time it doesn't happen. For example, if a man is in an elegant place with very many people, and suddenly someone attacks ...

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