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Huckleberry Finn's Negative Potential

Although I disagree with the censorship of the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, I can note various reasons why administrators across the country proclaimed it a bad influence and took it off of their reading lists. Because the main character of the book, Huckleberry Finn, frequently participates in actions that are considered unacceptable for teaching to most of today's society, school officials may think that this behavior will negatively influence their students. Huck talks about robbery and murder as if it were a normal act, does not pay consequences for his wrong doings, and continuously uses inappropriate language. I believe that these aspects of the book can be a bad influence to its younger audience.

In chapter 2, Huck and his friends sneak out late at night and meet secretly in order to form what they like to call ?Tom Sawyers Gang?. At this meeting the boys not only hurt themselves in order to be in the gang, but they also put others lives in danger. It is also the purpose of the gang that plays a strong role in its negative example towards the young reader. This group's sole adventure is found in committing the crimes of robbery and murder. From this
situation, any reader can assume that gangs are very important, good, and fun, and that there is no wrong in committing certain offenses as long as they are done in a group and know one knows about it. Readers might also feel pressure to commit ...

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