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Huckleberry Finn: Jim?s Dairy

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1839, June 11th

So, here I am alone as Adam but this is no Garden of Eden. Perhaps I can call myself free but my condition is uncertain. I have little shelter, less food, no income, no friends, and no safety. I may be recaptured at any moment. If I am captured my condition will be worse than before. I will be chained, beaten or worse and certainly sold down the river to a place where there is not the slightest hope of escape. Yet, seasoned with freedom these few strawberries I have gathered may be the sweetest anyone has ever tasted.

1839, June 12th

Today I have food and a friend ' Huck, a boy I knew well in town, maybe the best possible companion ' white, but not too wealthy or too proud to befriend a colored man, not so old as to think he should order me around, but old enough to look after himself and pretty clever about it, too. I expect he will perhaps be of great advantage to me. And resurrected from the dead, too ' it must be a good sign
Huck shared his food with me and in return I shared my knowledge of omens and trusted him with the information that I was a runaway.
I?ve begun to feel freer now and if I am free I am prosperous, for I own myself and I?m worth 800 dollars.

1839, June 25th

I must question whether joining forces with Huck was as fortunate as ...

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