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How world conflict start

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How world conflict start

I would be talking about how world conflict begin. My opinion, on world conflict, is about "two different opinion of

individuals or group." This is shown from World War 1 of Serbia and the Central Powers, United States and Serbian in Kosovo, and domestic affairs within are nations. I will follow trough those events and support my Idea.

World War I was about Serbian idea of giving up there people andgetting them executed by Austria-Hungry. Serbian believe that there peopleis more valuable than Austria-Hungry's threat. Serbian view is that, "Why should we give are people when they are being 'Patriotic' to our nation." So basically what this meant was, a rephrase of one of United States Article codes of conduct. Article 6 says, "I will never forget that I am an American, Fighting for freedom, responsible for my action and dedicated to the principles

which made my country free, I will trust in my God and the United States of America." So basically Serbia was protecting it's people for what the nation though was right. I mean, in my opinion, If I shot Hussain or Melosavitch(spell?) U.S. Government would probably not turn me in. Even if they say that they do not participate in assassination, because of the Geneva Convention. This almost or is

the same with Serbian at that time. They protect there people because they do not want to punish a nationalist just because he was being patriotic. They probably shot Austria-Hungry leader, because the plan that Austria-Hungry want to take over your territory. Ask yourself this ,would you punish your son or daughter who shot a burglar before he/she/it entered your house?

In Kosovo, United States View is that Serbian doing things the wrong way. In are nation cleansing ones race in a area is just not the way to go. Serbians view of it is that the Albanians took that land from there ancestor and wants it back. But, of course U.S. has a different view on this issue, just like Vietnam and ...

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