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How we got the King James vers

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How we got the King James vers

'The King James Version has become so sanctified by time and use that to many people it has come to be regarded as the Bible.' Our English Bible

James I was born in 1566 and died in 1625. He belonged to the House of Stuart along with all the other Kings of Scotland and a few from England. James I became the King of England when Elizabeth I, his cousin, died. This happened in the year 1603. When he took over the English throne, he was also the King of Scotland and ruled under the name of King James IV. He ruled both England and Scotland until he died. Charles I, James's son, was the successor to both of the thrones. James believed in the divine right of kings, the ability to rule as a king from God, not the people. James had many thing named after him, and Jamestown is probably the most famous other that the King James Version of the Bible.

James, formerly know as King James VI of Scotland, is accredited with this version of the translation of the Bible. Around 1603, James came to England for the reason of succeeding Elizabeth in the throne and became King James I. As soon as he arrived in England, the Hampton Court Conference was held for the reason to hear of the problems of the church. This conference failed its purpose, but one of the best translations of the word of God came from it. John Reynolds, president of Corpus Christi College, was the sole motivator for this new translation and he was the one that got King James to start on the translation. His immediately got James attention and he soon started the translations soon after There was one stipulation that James had and it was that there be no notes in the margins of the new book. He found all those notes to be untrue and dangerous to kings.

Within Six months the general plans were drawn up and ready to be carried out. James had had to choose scholars that he thought were trustworthy and ready for the task ahead. His original list consisted of 54 of these scholars. Before it was over ...

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