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How To Write An Essay

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In today's society, essays are used by millions of people in order
to express their different ideas. The use of them has proved to be an
organized and efficient method of communicating diversified views about any
subject. These subjects could range from social issues and moral dilemmas
to analyses of literature. However, in order to retain the efficiency and
clarity of the essay, standard writing and structural procedures must be
followed. Five-paragraph essays must follow a set writing process, include
proper essay structure and paragraph structure.
The proper method to writing a five-paragraph essay includes
prewriting and brainstorming, outlining, a rough draft and a final revision
of the paper. Before writing the actual paper, one must follow prewriting
procedures. This procedure often includes brainstorming, which is a
preliminary gathering of thoughts and ideas. Because the ideas are gathered
together in this fashion, the following steps in the writing process will
be made easier. After this is done, the ideas must be organized into
outline fashion. This is to say that they will be listed according to
different sections and subsections in respect to the structure of the essay.
This will make the actual written portion of the essay easily structured.
After this is done, a rough draft of the essay should be written from the
outline and revised and rewritten afterwards. The rough draft is the
preliminary version of the final essay, though it must be fully written and
structured. This will then be revised as necessary and a final copy of the
essay will be produced afterwards. This is the proper writing procedure
that all five-paragraph essays should follow.
The structure of a five-paragraph essay consists of an introductory<...

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