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How To Win An Argument

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To win an argument one must keep in mind the following factors: Is the argument
worth fighting? Do you have the proper background to win the argument? Who is
your opponent? And finally, do I have the proper argumentative behavior.
Before getting involved in an argument, you must decide whether or not it is
even worth fighting. Does the subject at hand have any interest to you, does it
make a difference if you win or lose. An argument about Jackie Gleson's weight
at death, or the amount of torque output in a 1976 Ford Pinto, probably doesn't
make much difference to anyone and isn't very interesting. Not getting involved
is probably the best way to go. However if the argument will decide who gets the
parking spot on 187th and Amsterdam, or whether you have a week or a month to
write an essay, you may want to consider getting into the dispute. If fighting
arguments is just an 'ego boost' or hobby, then disregard the above.

The next item to take into consideration is your background on the topic. You
should never enter an argument you have no information about, because it will
only end in 'your mother is a .....' insults. In a factual argument, it is
helpful if the truth is on your side, but as we've learned from our politicians,
it is not necessary. However, if the truth does eventually get out you may end
up looking like a fool. In a multi-sided argument, an argument which is not
dealing in absolute truths, but rather different opinions, it is preferable to
believe in the side you for which you are arguing, but isn't necessary if your
background is strong enough. In simpler terms, don't get into an argument you
know 'nothin' about.

It is important to know with whom you are arguing. If you are in a relationship
(guy - girl), and you are the guy, give up now you can't win. The laws of nature
are against you. If you are the girl in the relationship, you don't need advise.
It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong you've won. Just act upset or let
out a few tears and he'll crumble.

However if you are involved ...

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