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How to Read The Bible

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Felicia Ceh
Mr. Siemer
Composition and Grammar

How to Read The Bible

Seerveld describes reading the bible as a task that you need to be coached on. He says "It's easier to read it wrong or not to read it at all" which means that it's easier for a lot of people to either mistakenly read the bible or not even read it at all rather than take the time to fully learn how to read it right. In this article Seerveld focuses mainly on what the bible is not used for and how not to read it rather than the right way. It is still very helpful because I realize I sometimes do the things he says the bible is not for and I didn't really know until now. In the article Seerveld states, "we often read the Bible for what it's not and seldom read it for what it is", which is true because we often use the bible ...

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