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How To Play Beer Pong

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This will explain everything an individual needs to know about the game of beer pong. Beer pong requires no strength or skill, but demands the prowess of a drunken college student mind. Many believe in the game of beer pong there exists rigorous competition. The real object of the game does not require winning. It requires having fun and getting drunk. Beer pong started one Friday night long ago in some fraternity house. Pure entertainment and intoxication inspired the creation of beer pong. The simple game transmitted through word of mouth and observation. Today beer pong exists as a house hold name at parties. Anyone can view beer pong at any fraternity house on a Friday or Saturday night. The game has become so popular that a resident of Finch Hall (alcohol- free) used to have a beer pong table in his dorm room. The materials for the game do not cost much money and can be found easily. These include twenty-four cups, two Ping- Pong balls, and a table. Food Lion has excellent beer pong cups for a cheap price. Any sporting goods store carries Ping-Pong balls. Pieces of plywood on some cinder blocks work for a good table. Picnic tables make great beer pong tables. Lastly, beer pong requires massive amounts of beer. Usually this beer costs very little money and tastes like garbage. Busch Light and Milwaukee's Best fall in that category.
The rules of beer pong portray the simplicity of the game. The game requires four players, two on each team. Each team stands on one side of the rectangular table. Both teams assemble a pyramid of ten cups at their respective end of the table. The teams place the last two cups on the edges of the table even with the first cup in the pyramid. Each team will defend their cups against the opposing team. Each team pours beer into the cups. Two beers go evenly in the cups in the back two rows, one beer goes into the front two rows, and one beer is divided in to the cups on the edge of the table. The game starts with one player on each ...

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