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How To Overcome Shyness

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Social Issues

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Hi Sekou, how are you doing? It is okay, Penchan. Are you sure? Yes, I am surely okay. You know Sekou since I know you I noticed that you always keep yourself isolated from other people. Well, I do not like to social with people. What is wrong? Nothing really. Are you feeling uncomfortable while you are surround by other people? I do not know. I think I know what you are facing with now. You are psychic. You know it is painfully uncomfortable to walk into a room full of unfamiliar people, especially when you want to be well received based on your first impression. Therefore, being in a room full of stranger is the number one social fear. Nobody likes to be put on the spot in proving themselves worthy to be accepted by their peers. It incites a feeling of anxiety, or as some would describe it, shyness. Sekou, I hope you do not mind to let me approach you of my experienced . Okay, Miss psychic! The shyness you feel is more common than you think. The fact is the majority of people are in the same boat as you. Some people are just better at hiding their insecurities and fears, making them appear to never exhibit shyness. Once you begin to understand 'The spider is more afraid of you than you are of it,' then you will begin to excel in your relationships with other people around you.
First step: begin by saying 'hi' to 5 new people everyday. Not too long ago, I noticed that I even did not know how to perform the simple of saying 'hi' to people. Then, what happened? As I started to analyze myself, I could not come to any logical conclusion as to why that it scared me to acknowledge people I did not know. I remembered the times when I said 'hi' to people and they did not say 'hi' back, or even worse, when I said 'hi' and they looked at me like I was the devil. Did you feel like the devil? No, Instead, I started thinking about how good it feels when someone you do not know acknowledges your presence. It does not matter who it is, if they give you a smile and a simple hello, something inside you jump for joy. Without taking chances with people, there can be no gain. Every time you say 'hi' you are taking a chance. You are challenging that the person you are acknowledging is not going to acknowledge you back. Every time you face a room full of strangers, you are putting yourself into a significant amount of pain, but without it there can be no gain. Man! You sound like your life is a gamble. Surely, as you can see the world is a funny place, where things do not always come easily. It is by the sweat of out brow that we must labor to get those things, not by always trying to take the easy route. Once, I discussed with one of my college buddies, she mentioned that many people fear the small rejections in life, such as being ignored. Then, what are you doing? We determined to sharpen our social skills by saying 'hi' to 5 people that we ...

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