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How to keep your car running l

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How to keep your car running l

'How To Keep Your Car Running Like NEW'

' Automobiles are Americans 2nd biggest investment after real estate and how to keep your car running at top conditions becomes a very important knowledge everyone should know about.

' The major components of a car consist of engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, and tires.

' Today I am going to teach you the audience how to change your motor oil

o Engine '

*Change spark plugs about once every 10,000 to 15,000 miles or roughly about a 12 months worth of driving. Gold plugs are fine but if you would like to get a little more performance out of your vehicles potential I recommend Platinum-tipped spark plugs.

*An oil change is recommended every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on your driving style and conditions. Your car is more likely to need an oil change at 3,000 miles if you live in a metropolitan area where you face stop-and-go traffic, polluted air, and very hot temperatures.

Oil change is very easy to do; you don't always have to go to Jiffy Lube or other instant oil change places to get it done. You can buy quarts of motor oil at almost any store and change them yourself. This way you can ensure the oils are of top quality and the job gets done right.

Things you will need---

-3-ton hydraulic jack, jack stands, wheel chocks, and a socket-wrench set, new oil filter, quarts of motor oil, oil filter wrench'.

There are different types of oils, 10W30, 5W30, and 10W40 are the most common. 10W30 is the most versatile oil out of them all.

Begin by parking your car on a flat surface; make sure the car is in park position.

1. Pop open the hood and twist the oil cap open.

2. Put the wheel chocks against the rear wheels. This is done to make sure the car does not roll backward when you lift up the car.

3. Bring the jack to the front of the car. Look for an area underneath the car where you can find solid support. The area is shown on most car manuals.

4. Jack the car up about a foot to a foot and a half. Use the jack stands and put them on both sides of the car. ** This is a very important procedure; in case the jack fails (unlikely but can happen) you have something to hold up the car.

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