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How to Create a Music CD Using

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How to Create a Music CD Using

With today's personal computers, creating a customized music Compact Disc (CD) from various original CDs can be done in three easy steps. Not only is this process simple, but the end result provides hours of enjoyment. Before getting started, check that all necessary equipment is readily available and configured according to the manufacturer's specifications. This can save time and frustration.

A computer with an installed CD recorder is the first item necessary to create a personalized music CD. All recorders come with mastering software. This software allows the computer to create a list, called layout, of the songs. It also controls the process of creating the disc. The process of creating or writing music to a recordable disc is often referred to as burning. The next item required is original music recordings from which songs, called audio tracks, will be copied. The last item required is a blank disc. These are readily available at most computer stores and some department stores.

As the first step, make a list of the songs desired in the order of playback. Include for each audio track the name of the album, the number of the audio track, and the duration time for the song. Keeping track of the duration time for each song will help stay within the 74 minute limit imposed by recordable CDs.

In the next step, create a layout for the recording within the mastering software. Creating the layout of the CD simply tells the computer in what order to place the audio tracks (songs), the duration of each track, and ...

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