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How Much Change Was There For Opportunites For Women In The USA From 1919-1941

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American History

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How much change was there in opportunities for women in the USA in the years 1919-1941?


* Class Powerpoint
* Ben Walsh GCSE Modern World History Text Book

Intro: Opportunities for women increased over 20s and 30s. Given politically, socially, economically= a few egs, some of these lead to dramatic changes. Fashion, employment, society


* Women=more opportunities in late 20s+early 30s than start of 20s
* 1. 19[th] Amendment in 1920=right to vote freely
* Equal Rights Amendment in 1923=women+men=rights
* More support=further into politics
* 3. Women's confidence boosted=less like property, purpose in society
* 2. Political parties wanted women's votes, not political candidates `unelectable'
* Many women in high public standing, Eleanor Roosevelt, only handful of women elected by 1929
* 1925, first female US governor, Nellie Tayloe Ross, sworn into office
* Effectiveness surprised many, women=more praise than men
* Moreover, US Women's Movement inspired women worldwide
* In the case of divorce, both spouses =
* Women less likely to stay in unhappy marriages
* 1929, approx. 200,000 divorces
* Politically ops for women progressed increasingly years 1919-41 more women gained confidence, boosted into politics


* 2. Not only through politics, through others too
* Very few paid jobs open to women; expected housewives
* Lower paid jobs: cleaning, dressmaking, secretarial work
* Rural USA particularly tight restrictions owing to churches' traditional attitude to role of women. Early 20s=change in urban+middle class
* WW1 in 1917 taken into war industries=experience of skilled factory work
* Conductors on buses/trams, farmers, engineers
* 1920s, domestic work=easier:electrical goods
* Vacuum ...

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