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With great pride, 35- year-old Sirhan describes the way in which he shot and killed his 16-year old sister, Suzanne. Cheerful and at ease, he is completely contented to tell his story. He shot Suzanne in the head four times last March, three days after she reported to the police that she had been raped. Sirhan fully believes that the rape was Suzanne's fault - her "mistake" - regardless of the fact that it was done against her will. Although he thought he was committing a capital crime at the time, Sirhan was not deterred because he fully believes that his sister had to be killed for what happened to her in order to restore family pride. Says Sirhan ". . . it's better to have one person die than to have the whole family die from shame."

The beliefs and attitudes of Sirhan are not uncommon in Jordan; unfortunately nor are they among men in North America. Women constantly have to deal with disrespect and abuse from men. Men view women as inferior, and this stifles the growth of women as a whole throughout the world. In North America, treatment and expectations of women have improved, but they are not yet at the point that women are deemed equal to men in all aspects of society. Although North American society has come a long way when compared to that of Jordan in terms of treatment and expectation of women, it still has a long way to go. The standards of our society still in many ways mirror those of Jordanian society.

We inhabit two completely opposite ends of the earth, but are our treatments and expectations of women that far removed from those of the Jordanian society? The ways that we view the roles of women in society are quite broad and unestablished. Women today still fight for equality and respect. The actions of others, especially men, towards women, and the pre-set standards for women in our society illustrate the extent to which we are not removed from the Jordanian society. Determination of the attitudes held by Jordanians about women and the application of them to North American society shows the extent to which our society mirrors that of the Jordanians.

Women in both continents are encouraged to believe that they are at fault for the sexual abuse they receive. In Jordan, men place upon women the idea that all sexual abuse or infidelity is their fault. "Rafa", a, 20-year-old Jordanian woman, languishes in prison contemplating a three day romance she had with a co-worker. She says, "With the mistake I made, I deserve to die." Rafa must deal with her situation with clouded vision. Because of her culture, she believes that she must be severely punished for her actions. Another woman, Ambia Khatun, who was blinded in an acid attack by a man she refused to marry, also holds the same mentality. "I'm better off dead" she says, "What use am I now to anyone?" Women in our North American Society share these same thoughts, perhaps to a lesser degree. Just recently in Toronto, two young girls were locked up in a room and beaten by an uncle of theirs for simply talking to older boys. Constantly, women feel they are to blame for rape and sexual abuse committed against them. Many women do not even tell anyone about what has happened to them because their attacker has led them to believe that everything was their fault. In court, a woman's story is not often believed. Women tend to refrain from making charges against their abusers because they do not want to have to deal with the anguish and embarrassment that telling their story will cause. While in court, a prosecuting attorney is allowed to drag up the sexual past of a victim. This also attributes to the fear and reluctance that victims face when contemplating whether or not to press charges against their attacker. Women in both continents constantly deal with guilt and anguish because of what men ...

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