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Hormonal Growth Of Male Reproductive Function

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Hormonal Growth of Male Reproductive Function

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Title: Hormonal Growth of Male Reproductive Function


1. What organs are involved in hormonal control of male reproductive functions?

Testis, hypothalamus, an anterior pituitary.

Hormonal Control of Male Reproductive Functions

2. a. Describe gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) production.

At puberty the hypothalamus secretes GnRH which stimulates anterior.

b. Describe GnRH affects on the male anterior pituitary.

GnRH goes to a GPCR and increases the levels of Ca2+ which causes stimulation of synthesis and secretion of FSH and LH.

3. What affect does luteinizing hormone (LH) have on the testes?

It stimulates Leydig cells to secrete the hormone testosterone.

4. a. What affect does testosterone and FSH have on the testes?

Sterol cells produce ABP which binds and maintains increased levels of testosterone.

b. What affect is the affect of androgen-binding protein?

ABP's production is regulated under influence of FSH on Sertoli cell, enhanced by insulin, retinol, and testosterone.

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