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HOPE Foundation

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HOPE Foundation

By: jessica koehler

Dear North Carolina Residents: In Georgia, there is a program going on that helps out the student immensely. The Georgia State Lottery is used as a device to send hard-working students to college for free. Since the start of the lottery, over 488,00 kids have gone to college on the HOPE scholarship due to the lottery (Message from the President 1). Also, the lottery helps pay for pre-kindergarten facilities and programs, as well as computer and technology upgrades for their high schools through the HOPE foundation. North Carolina needs to take a serious look at the revenue Georgia brings from its lottery and think how it could be beneficial for North Carolina students. First, the lottery helps out a tremendous amount of students through the HOPE program. The way that the Hope scholarship works is that all Georgia high school students that graduates with a 'B' average or higher becomes eligible to receive a grant to help cover the cost of tuition, book, and mandatory fees at any public Georgia college or university and a $3,000 dollar scholarship to any private college (Educational Uses of Lottery Proceeds 1). Also, they will provide full tuition, books, and fees to any technical institute in the state of Georgia. That sounds like a whole lot of incentive for young adults to make a 'B' average in school. I just don't understand why North Carolina does not have the same incentive for our children. To keep the college student a good student, you must also keep a 'B' average in college to keep your scholarship. Georgia has given more than 1 billion dollars toward college bound students since 1993 (HOPE scholarship 1). North Carolina has no programs of this sort. Two years after starting college, HOPE recipients have a higher G.P.A. (grade point average), and have earned more credit hours than ...

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