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In today's society, there exists a myriad of issues which, when discussed, tend to raise the temperature of the citizens' proverbial blood. There are a handful of topics that always seem to escalate this temperature to the boiling point among individuals who earnestly participate in discussion, debate and argument. Some examples of such delicate subjects are the death penalty, abortion, and euthanasia. An issue that has in recent years, begun to command the intensity of the foregoing, is the acceptability of homosexuality in mainstream society. Until recently, homosexuality was considered strictly taboo. If an individual was homosexual, this revelation was considered a grave secret to be kept from all family, friends, and society at large. However, it seem that society has begun to accept this lifestyle by allowing same sex couples some of the rights afforded heterosexual couples. The idea of coming out of the 'closet' has moved to the forefront of homosexual individuals when it used to be the exception. The Government of Canada has recently passed law making it illegal to discriminate against an individual's sexual preference. With this in mind, the government would then require all facets of society, including religious communities, to welcome the marriages, adoptions, and families of homosexuals as though they were in no way different from heterosexual ones. It seems unreasonable that such an authority be involved in legislating the acceptance of an identifiable group that behaves in a manner unbecoming of any moral, decent, and even moderately religious human being, when our society itself can offer no consensus on such a moral issue.

In order to conclude that the government is wrong by legislating, it must be shown that homosexuality is wrong as well. Many feel that such a lifestyle is acceptable so long as it is kept in the privacy of one's own home. However, all too often such activity seems to spill over into mainstream society as same sex couples are seen strolling the streets arm in arm, kissing, and even engaging in unsightly groping. Such behaviour is displayed proudly by homosexuals during their various 'equal rights' marches. It seems analogous to lobbying for a new car while driving a Ferrari, no one will listen because they are all turned off by your actions. Often enough, homosexuals attempt to 'pick up' straight members of their own sex, causing considerable uneasiness. Having to deal with a homosexual on such an insignificant occasion as buying bread, can easily make one's skin crawl, if not ruin one's day. The feminine voice, dress, coupled with their feminine movements, can provide considerable incentive to avoid such people. The foregoing details the general appearance of homosexuals. There are of course exceptions to this rule, and these members of the homosexual group are not quite as prevalent in every day life. It cannot be denied that viewing this activity will offend many, if not the majority of mainstream society. The allowance of homosexual activity, providing it is kept from the public eye, has for the most part failed in its initiative. Few straight people could truly say they have never been exposed to such moral erosion.

Such erosion becomes even more prevalent when the issues of adoption and marriage are considered. Even those homosexuals that do not parade about in joyous display of their sexuality are included in those wishing to become parents and spouses under the law.

The argument often heard is that homosexuals are not perverts, that the children they raise will be fine. They claim that homosexuality in and of itself does not make one an inherently poor parent. This seems quite ridiculous when you consider the issue from the child's point of view rather than that of the homosexual, whom would obviously be thrilled to raise a child. The child however, would grow up with his personality, lifestyle, and attitude being formed by homosexuals. The problem here is that such input from a decidedly unpopular point of view might not properly prepare the child for the world to come. Learning life through a homosexual's eyes can do little but cause future confusion for the child when he or she realizes that people are not always raised by same sex couples. These facts do not change when there is a single parent situation. Children will be confused when he or she notices other parents acting vastly different from their own. Moreover, with mainstream society being a collection of straight parents raising children, allowing homosexuals to raise children would leave the door open to unending ridicule and ostracizing of children at the hands of their peers. It seems quite cruel to allow children to experience such a troubling situation simply to appease the wishes of homosexuals.

The issue of marriage involving homosexuals is important as well. Although homosexuals rationalize that such unions are reasonable, and worthy of recognition, such adherence would only serve to undermine the entire essence of marriage. Marriages are unions of two people under God and the idea is that the two individuals will start a family and prosper. It can be said that several straight couples never have children, relegating them to the level of homosexual marriages in such a regard. The point lost in this argument is that at any time in the marriage, health permitting, the heterosexual couple could have children. If the homosexual couple wanted children, they would be out of luck unless they were able secure some kind of adoption. It does not seem that the paramount ...

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