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Homophobia Fear or Hate

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Homophobia Fear or Hate

Homophobia, the fear, dislike or hatred of lesbians and gay men, is becoming a big problem in America today. Most people that have homophobia are uneducated about what goes on in the gay community. Since homophobes, persons who exhibit homophobia, are uneducated. They discriminate against people they don't even know. The criterion for homophobia is changing rapidly to hatred or discrimination aginst people of a specific sexual orientation. America has learned to tolerate the remarks and attitudes made by homophobes. Are these remarks made out of fear though or hate?

There are many myths about gays and lesbians that are not true. However, homophobes don't go out and try to find the truth behind the myths, they just believe them. Straight people, though, are denied access to accurate information about lesbians and gays, and their contributions to society. Many people who are homophobic have negative attitudes to the whole gay community. Homophobic people find gays repulsive, and pity them for the lifestyle they have chosen to live. The term homophobia is inadequate to cover the full range of people's negative beliefs about the gay community.

Many people think that homosexuality is a crime agaist nature; anyone who practices it is sick, crazy, immoral, sinful, or wicked. Research has found out that there is no greater incidence of mental illness among lesbians and gays than among heterosexuals. Homophobic people might think that gays and lesbians do not contribute to society. If they did research on it they would find out that gays and lesbians have made major contributions to all aspects of society. There are gays and lesbians in all typed of professions in America. These areas include social services, education, politics, arts, and sciences.

Men that are homophobic might think that homosexuals are predominantly white males. The truth is the homosexual community is ver diverse. It consists of males and females, blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans. If people who are homophobic would educate themselves they would probably find out that the things they think are ture are really false. A person can not really fear something when they know nothing about it.

Due to the lack of education in society about gays there are many homophobes that discriminate against them. Discrimination against anyone is not right. Words "faggot" ...

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