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Outcast of Society

As the world population grows exponentially, people are finding it harder to maintain a job and a place to live. Many must face the harsh reality of having to live on the streets. Others are fortunate enough to find shelter with family or friends. Nonetheless society is being forced to figure out what to do with these homeless people. Some believe it is society's problem to take care of these homeless people. Others believe they are responsible for their situation and should be forced to fend on their own. There are many programs that are available to help homeless people better themselves. However, many of these programs are too small to help out the homeless situation. Without the aid of taxpayers' money, homeless people will not be able to advance themselves. Therefore, we as a society have a moral obligation to help homeless people improve their lives. The government should get involved in creating a policy to help better homeless people.

The main policy the government should enforce is allowing for a proportionate tax to be placed on people. In the United States alone there are over 250 million people living in homes. The government should make it so every month each household must pay a dollar per person living in that residence. The money made from this should be given to the poor in forms of programs and financial aid. Another way the government can help better the homeless people is to tax people according to how much money they earn. If a person makes over a certain level of income then the government should make it mandatory to donate so much of their money to a charity that can help people less fortunate. For instance, Bill Gates is the wealthiest man in the world. He has a net worth that topples over ninety billion dollars. If he were to donate thirty billion dollars in helping out the poor, he could place hundreds of homeless people in homes and still have enough money to feed thousands of homeless people. This policy should be enforced to make sure that the balance of money is shifted equally.

Though that policy will help out many of the homeless people, government policy facing the homeless should be sought to improve their health and appearance. "Many homeless people, unable to get into shelters, frightened of disease or violence, or else intimidated by the regulations, look for refuge in such public places as train stations and church doorways" (Kozol 23). A policy the government could pass to prevent this is a Bill, which makes it mandatory for all cities to build a homeless shelter that can hold all the homeless people in that city. In the shelters they must include bathrooms, showers, food, and clothing. Also inside these shelters must be a job office that could help homeless people find jobs. If these shelters were spread throughout the U.S. the number of homeless people ...

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