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Hiroshima, account of father k

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Hiroshima, account of father k

Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge

The Atomic Account

Father Kleinsorge was a German priest that was in Japan for a Jesuit magazine. Before the bomb was dropped, he was relaxing outside of his three-story mission house in his underwear. That day, alarms went of several times, but all were false. Father always would go outside and scan the sky that would have a single weather plane flying over at about the same time each day. Then for a while it was quiet. Peace did not last long, however. A blinding flash surrounded the area. Father thought that a bomb fell on the mission house, so he ran outside into the garden. Before he recovered from the panic, he realized that he was cut with small debris. Also, most of the surrounding structures fell down. Not the mission house, because it was reinforced with steel beams. He heard screams of terror from people who got injured far more than he did.

After a few days, Father Kleinsorge started feeling worse. He had nausea, fatigue, and slight hair loss. His scars also started getting pus. He had to be carried to a church about 20 miles away for treatment. When that did not help much, he returned to his house, where he was treated by one of the doctors. While he was back at Hiroshima, he turned one woman to catholic religion. But still he was feeling worse and worse with time.

Long years have passed since 'Little Boy' tore up Hiroshima. Father Kleinsorge was feeling very bad, but not bad enough to keep him away from God. He taught religion to kids and adults while suffering from a high fever, diarrhea, and a variety of other disorders. About 35 years after the explosion, Father Wilhelm died. But his family goes on telling the story.

The bomb affected Father in a big way. The biggest reason is the bomb was his death. It also caused him ...

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