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Hiroshima 3

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Hiroshima 3


To me one of the worst thing's man has ever done was to drop the atomic bomb over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagusaki. It killed so many innocent people and affected so many people. A lot of the children who lived through the bomb died of leukemia or another radiation related sickness. Many adults's who lived through it now suffer from nausea and different forms of cancer. The people who survived the bomb had to see some of the worst sights ever shown on earth. One of those was a man named Mr. Tanimoto.

When the bomb exploded Mr. Tanimoto was starting to unload a cart of clothes at a rich man's house in the suburbs of Hiroshima when he say a bright flash. He was far enough away from the blast that he had time to run and hide in-between two rocks. He was unharmed and ran into the street not knowing what was going on. The first thing he saw was that all the house's around him where fallen down and the soldiers that were supposed to be safe in the trenches were badly injured and dying.

He didn't know what to do so he started to run along the outskirts of the city trying to stay away from the ever-growing fire. As he ran he saw burned bodies and people buried under houses that were on fire. He tried to help them but he could not because the flames were to hot. To me that would be one of the worst ...

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