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Hip Hop Music

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My main interest in music has always been . When I go to
record stores, I have a hard time finding . Unlike other music
categories, hip-hop does not have its own category. Hip-hop artists can
sometimes be found under the category of RAP music. In most cases, all you
will find is rap artists like Master P, Puff Daddy, and other various rap
performers. Other rap/hip-hop artists like the Beastie Boys are harder to
find. In this report, I plan to prove why rap/hip-hop artist like the
Beastie Boys are less known and heard of than rap artists like Master P and
Puff Daddy.

First of all, I would like to define hip hop and briefly go over its
history. Hip-hop developed in the Bronx of New York and has been around
for more than twenty years. The Hip-Hop culture consists of break dancing,
music, and graffiti. Graffiti is not one of my points because I am
basically interested in music. Hip hop music was formed to get people in
the mood to break dance. From hip hop music evolved rap music. Rap and hip
hop music consists of DJ's and MC's who would "Cut 'N' Mix" or talk over
music that they played. Another technique that formed is scratching'.
This means forcing the record back and forth against the needle. A hip hop
artists that made it big in the eighties was Afrika Bambaataa who was the
leader of the 'Hip-Hop' culture. This man organized Zulu Nation which was
an organization of break dancers. Run DMC were the first Black rap artists
that gained the interest of all races of people. The hip-hop culture is
still thriving in the nineties and is better than ever.

Now, I would like to break away from the history of hip-hop and talk
about one famous hip-hop group that I personally like. This group existed
during the beginning growth of hip-hop, but they were not as popular then.
This group is the Beastie Boys. Maybe they were not as popular because they
began as punk rock artists and they were white. Rappers in the eighties
were mainly Black. The Beastie Boys began their hip hop career just after
Run DMC did. The Beastie Boys were influenced by Run DMC, and when they
became popular they got their chance to perform with them. Def Jam
Records produced the Beastie Boys first hip-hop album, License to Ill. The
Beastie Boys remained popular for a short while until they were not heard
of as much. I think that the Beastie Boys are unique because they make and

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