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High School Graduates And Rights Denied

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Social Issues

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High school graduates are considered adults. They are eager young pioneers ready to face the real world ahead of them. However, they are denied certain rights. No one person should be denied their constitutional rights. Actually, it is guaranteed by the constitution. People should have rights if people can handle them.
Can we handle our rights? Maybe some of them can not, but why deny it to the others. They, after graduating from high school, have the power to enlist in the military. In the military they are free to drink and go into adult dancing parlors after the age of eighteen. The military is a respected institution known for making men out of people. But yet their limit is eighteen. Why should the military be different from regular society.
Adult dancing parlors are denied to them. However, some people consider them just a place to hang out. Male adults just need somewhere to go out and fulfill some fantasies by seeing beautiful women dancing erotically. Most men already order erotic television shows and it does help keep marriages together. These adults would become better lovers to their cherished wives. Why can't graduates have their right to fulfill their sexual fantasies? Should it not be included in the constitution.
Casinos are a great money booster in some states. In Nevada all the touring comes from people who want to go to Las Vegas. They go to Las Vegas to gamble and see some Hollywood shows. Nevada is now the third richest state in the country. It is a lucrative business for the public and the private owners. So why not open casinos and gambling to a ...

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